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HTML Executable is an ebook and website .exe compiler; it turns web sites into compact desktop
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15 November 2009

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Why would you possibly want to compile your website or webpage in an executable file? Here are a couple of reasons: you want to show off your works without a slightest chance of anyone reading your code or stealing images; you need to show a website to someone who doesn't have a browser or you want people to see the website exactly as it looks in Internet Explorer - no chances for other creepy browsers. If anything of the above applies to you, you need HTML Executable.
HTML Executable is a powerful tool that lets you convert your website to an .exe file, adding advanced features such as search or print preview on the way. The program is mostly wizard-driven, letting both inexperienced and advanced users get the most of their first ever executable website. There is a file manager, a general settings window and output window. The program supports most popular HTML tags and animated graphics.
There's more to this program than just presenting your page in a compiled form: you can also make your own splash screens, multi-language versions of the website, window dialogs, messages etc. It requires Microsoft Windows Installer to install successfully (some Windows 95/98 users might not have it). Try this program today and see it for yourself.

Publisher's description

HTML Executable is a feature-packed HTML compiler or ebook compiler that turns Web sites into secure and compact EXE applications for the desktop. All source files - HTML pages, graphics, CSS, JavaScript, Java applets, animated GIF files, Flash SWF and FLV, Acrobat PDF, Powerpoint PPT, audio and video, media files - are compiled into a single .exe file that you distribute to your users. You can select between three "classes" of ebooks to create: Self-Extracting, featuring a built-in stand-alone HTML Viewer or with the same engine as Internet Explorer.
Everything of the website/ebook application can then be customized from A to Z:
- apply skins to the user interface (real skin support for ebooks), more than 150 skins + a free skin editor available;
- configure the user interface: toolbar with alpha-blended images, menus, status bar, printer...
- use scripting to control ebook behaviors and respond to user events;
- make portable ebooks running on USB disks;
- protect pages using profiles to make trial ebooks and restrict user rights (no context menu...);
- add password or registration key systems for ebook sales;
- use remote activation/deactivation to control uses;
- display splash screens or messages;
- add table of contents (TOC), search engine and favorite manager options;
- change icon and version information of the .exe file; digitally code sign it;
- create ebooks in kiosk mode or with dynamic effects;
- modify the about box and other dialogs to display your own logo and trademarks. No self-advertisement.
- and much more.
Create amazing full-featured digital information products like ebooks, presentations, CD autoruns, help documentation, demonstrations, tutorials, brochures or educational material, website archives... HTML Executable is mostly wizard-driven: its intuitive interface lets both inexperienced and advanced users get the most of their first ever executable website. Full context-sensitive help, samples and forum are available.
HTML Executable
HTML Executable
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